With customer data making its way into headlines more frequently than ever before, businesses can’t afford to put a foot wrong when it comes to safeguarding their own. It’s not just customers and the media who are shining a spotlight on corporate use of data. As of May 25th, new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into action across the UK. But what impact will this have on day-to-day life in the office? Here’s all you need to know:


GDPR – The basics

In essence, the GDPR works similar to the current Data Protection Act (1998), as it looks to protect personal data. However, the GDPR will demand businesses to take a step further and be more accountable for – and transparent with – the data they hold on customers. Businesses will have to provide an auditable trail for regulators and demonstrate the measures and processes undertaken to securely store and destroy the data they handle. In short, the power is moving into the customer’s hands and creating a transparent landscape for consumer-business data management.

Those that don’t comply will be dealt with in a much more severe manner than ever before, with maximum fines rising from £500,000 to £17.2m. This vast increase is just one example of how the stakes have significantly risen when it comes to data management, meaning there is much less room for error on the part of businesses handling data.


So, how does this affect me and my business?

It’s easy to see a large potential fine and make major (and often unnecessary) changes to your business in order to minimise the risk of breaking the new regulations. However, by understanding the rules, and making simple, measured changes to the way you treat your customer data, you can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

In short, businesses are required to be transparent and responsible with their customer’s data, ensuring that it is organised, accurate, and ready to be removed at a moment’s notice (if requested). This means no more messy paperwork, no more loose passwords and sensitive data, and no more unorganised digital data on computer systems – sounds positive, doesn’t it?


Is there a simple solution?

Professional Document Storage Services (also known as archiving and storage services) are the solutions many companies across the UK are turning to. This type of service provides a professional, managed solution which allows businesses to minimise their chance of a data breach, and gives them an organised platform to work from when managing all their customer data.


What is a Document Storage Service?

A document storage service provides a variety of benefits to a company, namely:

  • Simplifying and reducing costs
  • Adds security for sensitive data
  • Provides remote digital access to all documents
  • Frees up your physical office space from paperwork
  • Reduces and backs up your digital data
  • Saves time and effort when looking for specific documents

By storing all sensitive documentation off-site to a secured location, you can free up time (and space), reduce costs and get instant remote access to everything from your own computer.


Are you interested in safeguarding your customer data and minimising a data breach?
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