The design of an office is not only vital to employees productivity, but to customers and clients who walk through your door. In a matter of seconds, someone will form an impression of you. Therefore, you want your office space to reflect a visually appealing, functional and inviting area, to make anyone who enters feel comfortable (and view you in a positive light!).

Dress for success

Adding a personal touch to office design is fundamental. Think about the colour scheme of your workspace, and how this could (and should) reflect your brand and its core message. Colours also play a vital role in boosting productivity and concentration levels for team.

Create a story based on your success and professionalism as a business by adding your company’s mission statement and logo to walls. This lets the world know your unique selling point, and gives a flavour of your brand’s personality. Branded areas within an office will help to enhance company culture and reflect core business values. Maybe even think about adding in some stylish artwork or plants to bring bold design and an element of nature to the indoor environment.

Utilising space

Even if you have a small office area, you can utilise what space you have with good interior design. This can create an illusion of a bigger space, and ensure you are optimising your current layout. Many companies are now investing their time and money into supporting employees needs to increase productivity. A way this can be done is creating a clean and non-chaotic environment, that will represent a brand which is well organised, and install confidence throughout the organisation. Different flooring in a single area can help break up separate spaces; therefore, implementing a break out area enhances creativity and freedom away from desks.

Free Design and Planning Service

Our planners, interior designers and fitters are here to help you every step of the way to create a look that reflects you.Using CAD software designs, we can show you what your office transformation will look like before it even takes place. From coordinating and procuring products to installing design features, we will ensure that your office is a showstopper!

Are you considering refurbishing your office, boardroom or client meeting rooms or do you have a new office to furnish? Remember, there is no second chance to make a first impression! No matter how small or large a project call us today on 0345 224 6094 or email us at and we can discuss all the various options on how to bring your office to life.

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