Is your office looking a bit out of touch?

If the answer’s yes, then it’s time to modernise! Furniture and interiors are a really hot topic at the moment, that’s why we are dedicating both our expertise and the next two blogs to this key area. Furniture is our first point of focus. Without further ado, it’s time to refresh your workplace…

Your office chair is feeling a bit unloved, isn’t it?

Not only does it look scruffy, but it’s (most likely) not supporting you properly. Back pain is not only harmful to your posture but also to your productivity. In fact, over 50% of employees in the UK admit to poor posture whilst sitting at their desks. What’s worse is this can lead to muscle and joint issues further down the line.

Essential tips to avoid this:

  • Keep your feet flat on the floor or use foot support to keep your knees parallel with your desk top.
  • The back of your knees should not touch the seat
  • Ensure your back is fully supported with adequate lumbar support

Making sure you choose the right furniture for your employees is important, but not everything. Your office is more than just a place in which you work, it needs to reflect your brand. It only takes seven seconds for someone to judge your office and form a first impression. Having sleek and modern furniture shows that you are professional unit, and take pride in your appearance, which means you must take pride in your work, right?

Take pride in your office appearance and productivity…

Boring, dull and lifeless furniture is proven to make you lazy! Looking down on a small, old desk, with no room to manoeuvre can affect how productive you are. If you do not have a fully functional desk that meets your needs you could find yourself consistently running into a number of issues. This could be anything from misplacing important paperwork to encouraging poor posture.

Sit-stand desks have been proven to make you healthier due to the elimination of sitting down for 8 hours a day. Research shows a 46% increase in workplace productivity when utilising sit-stand desks. You also burn 30% more calories when you are standing rather than sitting, meaning you can improve wellbeing while introducing a more modern and forward thinking vision to your office.

DACS have got your back!

We offer a range of modern, professional and ergonomically focused seating to make sure your back is properly supported throughout the day.

Our specialist Interiors team will walk you through your project step by step. From initial ideas to 2D designs and full 3D renders, you’ll be able to envisage your project before completion making sure you get the result you’re looking for. By taking your brief, budget and brand into account we will employ a bespoke process that fits your furniture needs, as well as matching your company’s unique style, branding and personality.

Don’t forget, we will be back soon with the second blog that has a main focus on interiors, in the meantime why not take the opportunity to refresh your workplace with some new office chairs. Discover our range of top quality chairs that DACS can offer and invest in a new style. Get in touch to find out more and start the journey of new furniture. You can call us on 0345 224 6094 or send us an email at

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