Customer Returns Policy


1.1 This is the Seller’s Customer Returns Policy (“Returns Policy”) referred to in the Terms and Conditions of Sale (“the Conditions”) of DACS Office Solutions Ltd (“the Seller”) (registered office Unit G5, Ivanhoe Business Park, Smisby Road, Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 2UY, registration number 6347164).

1.2 Words and expressions in this Returns Policy shall have the same meanings as set out in the Conditions unless stated to the contrary. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Conditions and the terms of this Returns Policy the provisions of the Conditions will prevail.

1.3 In addition to this Returns Policy the Seller has supplementary returns policies in respect of specialised product groups contained in the Trade Price List and which are notified to the purchasers of such products. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Returns Policy and the terms of any of the specialised product groups returns policies then the provisions of the relevant specialised product group returns policy will prevail.


2.1 The Seller has the discretion (which it may exercise as it wishes) to accept the return of any of the Goods supplied to but not required by the Buyer (upon such terms in respect of a handling charge of 20% of the invoiced value of the Goods returned or otherwise as the Seller may choose) and to issue a credit note in respect thereof. Any request by the Buyer to the Seller to exercise such a discretion must be made in accordance with the procedure and within the time periods set out in Condition 3 and is subject to the provisions of this Condition 2.

2.2 The Seller will only consider any claim by the Buyer for a return if the provisions of this Returns Policy are complied with and:

2.2.1 the items to be returned are in their original inner and outer packaging and none of the packaging shall have been written upon, taped or had permanent labels attached;

2.2.2 the items to be returned are in otherwise satisfactory and merchantable condition and may be re-sold at the price that would have been paid by the Buyer;

2.2.3 the items to be returned are of a type distributed by the Seller at the time of the claim;

2.2.4 in the case of electronic office machines the Seller has a like remedy against the manufacturer thereof;

2.2.5 and in the case of computer consumable products, the outer seal has not been tampered with in any way. If the Buyer returns such product(s) as faulty, it will only be granted a credit note if the manufacturer of such product(s) accepts that the product has not been misused, over loaded, incorrectly installed or incorrectly stored. In certain circumstances, a faulty product evaluation form must be completed by the Buyer.

2.3 If a return is accepted a credit note will be issued in the sum of that part of the purchase price paid in respect of the Goods returned less deductions for the Seller’s costs as set out in Condition 2.1.

2.4 The Seller will not (without prejudice to its discretion in Condition 2.1) accept the return of any electrical items which have been removed from their packaging or any food stuffs or food products.

2.5 The Buyer may not return Bespoke Goods or any Goods marked as non-returnable in the Trade Price List.


3.1 The Seller’s customer sales office or services office must be notified of any claim in respect of any returns or request by post, facsimile, e-mail or by telephone specifying the reason giving rise to such claim or return. Notification must be made within the time limits set out below for each reason giving rise to a claim:

3.1.1 where any product is no longer required – within 5 Working Days;

3.1.2 where a product was ordered and invoiced but an incorrect product was sent out due to picker error – within 2 Working Days;

3.1.3 where a product delivered to the Buyer was not ordered by the Buyer but invoiced to the Buyer and delivered in error – within 3 Working Days;

3.1.4 where a product delivered to the Buyer was not ordered by the Buyer and has not been invoiced to the Buyer or the product was over supplied – within 14 Working Days.

Where such a claim or request is made by telephone it will only be considered by the Seller if an acknowledgement reference is obtained by the Buyer and the claim or request is confirmed by post facsimile or e-mail by the Buyer within 2 Working Days quoting the acknowledgement reference.

3.2 The Seller will only consider a returns request in respect of any of the Goods if the following further information is given:

3.2.1 the invoice number and/or the advice note number in respect of the Goods;

3.2.2 the part number of the item (or any description that clearly identifies the item to be returned);

3.2.3 the quantity of the Goods (expressed in the Seller’s correct unit of sale) the subject of the returns request; and

3.2.4 the reason for the returns request and the collections note number and/or the returns note number.

Where the Buyer could not have discovered the subject of the claim within the time limits set out in Condition 3.1, then the Buyer must notify the Seller within a reasonable time of the discovery of the potential claim.

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Case Study

“A number of our office services contracts were due for renewal so it was prudent for us to test the market and ensure that we were getting the best deal.

We decided to carry out a full benchmarking review for our Office Supplies, Print and EOS categories; and had an open mind as to whether we would switch suppliers. DACS assessed our usage, processes and expenditure across the categories, and provided a clear and concise analysis which set out our options, along with key product recommendations.

It was clear that we could make substantial savings by changing provider and although our incumbent supplier did reduce their prices considerably, as is often the way, we made the decision to change.

The implementation process was very smooth and thorough, including online training for the new platform and agreeing stock levels for all our printed stationery.

We are very pleased with the work DACS have done on this project. Their market knowledge and expertise has enabled us to achieve a sustainable contract, which should deliver value over the contract term.

In addition the savings achieved were very substantial – we couldn’t ask for more!

I would thoroughly recommend DACS Office Solutions to any business that wishes to reduce their office supplies expenditure.”

Partnership Secretary, Midlands Law Firm

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