Displaying your brand in a saturated market can seem like a constant struggle. However, with professional print you can make your mark. At DACS, we offer various types of professional print services that will help you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Why print is still so effective

Years or research reveal that our brains are more receptive to print media over any other form. Paper marketing (such as direct mail, brochures, leaflets etc) is far easier to process and results in better memory recall for the majority of users. Subconsciously, customers still tend to associate physically printed materials with value, desirability, willingness to pay, and most importantly, engagement.

Litho/Digital Print

7 out of 10 people think print is twice as trustworthy as email. Handing someone a slick looking business card or handing over a professional, modern brochure will grab the attention of a prospect more so than a simple email. By meeting the prospect in person and giving them a physical object with your details, will give you a significant advantage in future engagements.

Having your business card on their desk helps put a face to a name, which is proven to be much more trustworthy (and effective) than a random sales email. Litho/digital print isn’t limited to just business cards and brochures either – with anything from promotional flyers to conference banners and letterheads all helping to create your perfect brand image.

Corporate and Promotional Gifts

Did you know 87% of customers keep a promotional item for longer than a year? Boost your brand and raise your profile with gifts that will get you recognition. With a range of promotional products you can be confident that you will be consistently keeping your brand in front of your customers, boosting sales and increasing brand awareness, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Whether it’s a simple gesture of goodwill, getting ready for an upcoming conference, or even to support a major marketing campaign, promotional gifts offer powerful results.


So, if you’re interested in promotional gifts and bespoke print which create a meaningful way to say hello or thank a customer for their business, then get in touch with us today for more information on our Professional Print services. Call us on 0345 224 6094 or email us at Sales@dacsofficesolutions.com.

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