Shredding is the most secure way of disposing of important information that is in a physical form. This process provides an effective and secure way of destroying data and preventing access by third parties. Now GDPR has come into effect, it is imperative that your office is being compliant, shredding documents and keeping data safe and secure. The main focus of GDPR is how personal data is handled by organisations. If you do not have the correct procedures in place then your company could be at risk of hefty fines from the EU regulator. Your organisation will be liable if a data breach comes back to you, should a person’s data be stolen or compromised.


Cross-cut shredder

For optimum shredding performance a cross-cut shredder will produce the best results.These shredders have an extra blade that ensures documents are destroyed into tiny fragments that make it impossible for reconstruction; this is what is required for GDPR. You can also purchase shredders that can destroy more than paper i.e. documents with staples in them or CD’s.


Auto feed shredders

These shredders save you time. Put a stack of paper onto the machine and it will pull them through one by one without any jams. Guaranteeing you a more productive day in the office removing the monotony from shredding high volumes, and freeing up time so you can focus on moresignificant tasks. However, there is adownside; the machines tend to be larger and more expensive than their manual counterparts.


Shred all and shred regularly

If you are concerned or confused about what exactly should be shredded, it’s better to shred it all than not shred at all. Simply throwing away a piece of paper that you do not believe to have personal details on (but actually does) could be harmful to your company. Should someone get hold of this information, variouscompliance issues will come into effect, with potential fines being placed. Shredding on a regular basis is always recommended and will mean that you naturally get into a routine, therefore you’llnever forget about shredding important data again.


Use a professional service

A reliable document shredding service will take care of all document destruction for you. Providing the workplace with locking bins where they will shred on-site at regular times. From this they will take the remains to a secure recycling facility. It is vital that research on document shredding services is carried out prior to implementation. A service that is reliable, complies with lawsand has an environmental policy where they recycle the shredded paper is key.

The facts

Research from the Information Commissioner’s Office showed that 40% of UK data security incidents were attributed to paper including:

  • 19% data being posted or faxed to the wrong recipient
  • 14% paper being lost or stolen
  • 4% data left in an insecure location
  • 3% insecure disposal of paperwork


Are you interested in safeguarding your customer data and minimising a data breach?
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