Unnecessary packaging is a huge problem within the office products industry and we are passionate about reducing the waste we (and you) generate.  Our initiatives to help you include:

Strong, 100% recycled delivery boxes ensure your products arrive undamaged so we don’t waste fuel re-delivering or replacing damaged goods.

Wherever possible, recycled, recyclable and reusable plastic ‘tote’ boxes are used instead of wasteful (and expensive) cardboard packaging.  Over 15,000 such ‘totes’ are used to ship goods to the warehouse.  For example, where 3M might plastic-wrap their Post It Notes in 12’s and then pack these in a cardboard box containing 12 packs; the ‘tote’ enables these products to be supplied without any of the cardboard.  Where these ‘totes’ are collected from manufacturers via ‘back-haul’ there are even greater environmental advantages, as suppliers don’t need to make separate journeys.

Approximately 25% of all VOW products are now received in this pre-toted manner and to further eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Packaging that can’t be eliminated is strictly segregated, collected and recycled.

Energy consumption is managed efficiently by motion sensors that automatically turn off lights to conserve electricity.