DACS continually encourage suppliers to develop and produce more environmentally friendly products. At present we stock around 3,000 environmentally friendly products, which can be found in our 2011 DACS catalogue.

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As part of the environmental review process, your DACS account manager will recommend green alternatives against your current purchasing patterns.

If you do want to select products that are considered less damaging to the environment, or are sourced sustainably, or have a high recycled content then we can help you choose these in one of 3 primary ways:

1.  Clear catalogue labelling – every product in our catalogue that contains recycled product is clearly identified with a ‘’% recycled’ logo that states the percentage that is made from recycled material.

2.  Environmental catalogue – we produce a separate mini-catalogue (on sustainably sourced paper or available electronically) that only advertises products that are from accredited and sustainable sources, or that contain a minimum of 46% recycled material, or are ‘Fairtrade’.  This unique catalogue could be the primary product selection tool for your colleagues so that all of their initial choices are directed at products that reduce your environmental impact.

3.  Complete environmental listing – you can have a complete and comprehensive listing of every product in our main catalogue that allows your colleagues to identify only those products that are most environmentally friendly.  This listing shows:

  • Does this product contain recycled material? (Yes or No)
  • What % of recycled material does it contain? (e.g. 75%)
  • Is the product recyclable? (Yes or No)?
  • What % of the product is recyclable? (E.g. 100%) –
  • Is the product biodegradable?
  • What % of the product is biodegradable? (E.g. 50%)
  • Is product certified to FSC standards (Forestry Stewardship Certification)?  (Yes or No)
  • Is product certified to PEFC standards (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification)?  (Yes or No)
  • Is product EMAS standard certified (Eco-Management & Audit Scheme) or Nordic Swan / Blue Angel standards? (Yes or No)

This detail can also be found here – Green Customer Data