DACS is highly committed to working sustainably, we work closely with our suppliers and clients to minimialise the impact our service has on the environment, reducing the carbon footprint of all parties involved.

Some of our current activities include:

  • Charity Supporting Toner & Ink Printer Cartridge Recycling Scheme
  • Stocking over 3,000 Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Office Basics Recycled Toner Range
  • Environmental Reporting & Green Product Reviews
  • Eco-Account Development Programmes
  • Euro IV Category Vehicles
  • Fleet Tracking & Route Management Systems
  • 100% Recycled & Reused Packaging
  • Packaging Back Cardboard Recycling Scheme
  • Closing The Loop Paper Recycling Scheme
  • Optional Paperless Delivery Note Service
  • Active Promotion of FSC approved paper products

At DACS we fully understand the importance you attach to environmental goals and reducing the carbon footprint associated with buying, using and disposing of office products.  By partnering with DACS you will be selecting a supplier who shares your goals and can make a direct contribution to reducing your environmental impact.