DACS distribution

At DACS we understand that the service you receive is critical to the smooth day-to-day running of your business.

So, In order to successfully provide the very best service to some of the UK’s leading commercial and legal clients, DACS have a strategic partnership with VOW, the UK’s largest office supplies wholesaler, providing same day access to the largest office supplies stock in Europe.

DACS and VOW have reengineered their inventory management control to provide you with the right stock at the right time. This strategic partnership means DACS are now able to provide the highest-level service across the UK.

Some statistical facts include:

  • 550,000sq ft – Ireland, Midlands, North
  • 8 locations UK & Ireland
  • 22,000 Lines Available Next Day
  • £34m UK Stock Holding
  • 98.5% Fill Rate Success – SLA Tracked
  • State Of The Art WMS, Low Operating Costs
  • State Of The Art Fleet Tracking

A huge infrastructure investment has been made to build strategic warehouse locations in the following places:

Location Size / Capacity No. Products Housed
Lutterworth 215,000sq ft 20,750 products
Normanton 255,000sq ft 17,500 products
Dublin 80,000sq ft 14,000 products


Collectively these sites hold over £35m worth of stock (which is around twice the levels held by the largest of our competitors).  In addition we have a new DACS HQ facilities in Leicestershire that provide you with immediate access to over 1,500 key lines in case you need us to make local emergency same day deliveries that you could not have foreseen.

Where our competitors hold significantly reduced stock levels (and fewer lines) there is a greatly increased danger that the products you need either can’t be delivered ‘next day’ or will be only part-delivered.  With DACS you can rest assured that your products will in stock ready to be delivered where you need them, when you need them.

Picking Accuracy (Eliminating The Potential For Error)

Sadly, for many suppliers ‘picking errors’ are an accepted part of selling office products.  Yet for customers on the receiving end ‘picking errors’ are at best an irritant and at worst a potentially devastating and business critical issue.  For example, how much business is lost when the company mail shot can’t be sent to customers because the supplier has sent the wrong envelopes?   What is the impact when the proposal document that needs to be sent by a specific date and time in order to win a brand new customer can’t be printed because the supplier has sent the wrong cartridge?

At DACS and in conjunction with our downstream supply chain partner VOW, we have made massive investments to all but drive picking errors out of the business.  Over £½ million has been invested in a revolutionary system called ‘Pick To Light’ to deliver the very best picking accuracy ratios in the industry.  In brief this 6 point process comprises:

  1. Accountability – every single order you raise can be traced back to an individual ‘picker’
  2. Carrier Arrival – your unique bar coded box(es) are scanned and picking commences
  3. ‘Pick To Light’ Activated – LEDs illuminate showing the picker the products (and quantity) you want
  4. Checking – every single product identified by ‘pick to light’ is checked against a hard copy picking note
  5. Weight Checks – sophisticated systems weigh your consignment(s) to confirm that your order weights the sum total of its individual constituents
  6. Quality Control – any parcel not weighing the sum total of its constituents is isolated for a complete physical check

This attention to detail and massive investment enables us to pick and pack over 100,000 products per day with an internal tolerance level of 2 errors per 1,000 ‘picks’.  This is 50% fewer errors than our closest competitor (and any errors are rectified before you receive your goods).  Because we are so efficient we incur very low operating costs; these are in turn passed on to as savings!