At DACS we pride ourselves on our long term relationships with our clients. This doesn’t come through a quick short term saving, but instead through hard work at the beginning and continuously thereafter. We believe its important to show both short term and long term savings from day one of our partnership.

If you are looking to reduce the cost of your office products, streamline your order processes and reduce your carbon footprint then our in depth cost analysis is a great way to start.

The cost analysis enables us to focus our joint contract development on initiatives that will produce real savings. As these initiatives are implemented, DACS costs will be reduced, and you benefit from improved pricing. This creates a true partnership where both our businesses work together, reducing costs and operating in a more sustainable manner.

To begin, DACS will conduct a free of charge cost analysis on your business. This is based on annual consumption patterns, looking at product, delivery patterns, pricing structure and invoicing. We collate line by line usage information from your historical invoices or usage data enabling us to make the following recommendations

Choosing The Right Product

Our initial savings report will be based on a like for like, line by line usage based product saving, enabling you to see a proposed minimal guaranteed annual saving

In order to maximize these savings we also recommend our ‘best value’ QConnect and Office Basics products to be purchased wherever possible. This will again be based your usage patterns and displayed line by line enabling you to see the total annual product savings opportunity.

On top of that, we also recommend more efficient and reliable products again producing further savings. For example, where possible we recommend high capacity toners and demonstrate the savings on a cost per copy level.

Once these product lines are identified and If required, your customer service contact will implement our Pro-act scheme, which monitors your orders to ensure the person ordering is aware that there is a better value alternative available, giving you the option to release the savings from day 1 of the new agreement. This service is optional and can also be achieved through our online ordering platform.

Order Processes

Aside from product cost, we will demonstrate the administration cost saving too. After all, time equals money! DACS will take every stage of your current procurement process into account, from raising the initial order, through to
fulfilment and delivery, to invoicing and payment.

DACS will then use this information to identify more efficient order processes. For example, by increasing your average order values and switching to monthly invoicing, you will instantly reduce the number of orders raised, number of deliveries to be put away and the number of invoices to be paid.

Environmental Optimisation

Why not take this opportunity to reduce your environmental impact. DACS will provide an environmental report of your purchasing activity with recommendations based around the following areas:

  1. Reduced Delivery Related Paper Work
  2. Reduced Invoicing
  3. Reduced Delivery Related Packaging
  4. Reduced Deliveries Made
  5. Reduced Returns
  6. Green Product Selection
  7. Improved Average Order Values
  8. Improved Average Lines Per Order
  9. Improved Order Methods

This reduces our cost to serve and thus enables us to increase your savings.

Typical annual savings being achieved are in excess of 25%. Delivering your business savings is about more than just buying products better, It’s also about buying them in the most efficient way.

By working with DACS you would be reducing product cost and the impact of your procurement processes on the environment. If you would like to discuss how we can help achieve the above for your business then please contact us today – 0345 224 6094